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Real Michaud

Executive Chariman

World Financial Group has had a transformative effect on many of its associates, including Réal Michaud. “My entire life, I have managed many levels of success in both my personal and business life; however I also managed to sabotage many of my successes along the way. WFG taught me how to dream, set goals and commit.” World Financial Group has also helped bring Réal’s family together, with his wife, Claudette, helping him manage his business and two of his children, Corey and Cameron, owning their own WFG businesses. It’s his family, Réal says, that keeps him setting and reaching goals. “My family has always been what is most important to me, and they are why I set goals and stay committed to reaching them. I believe this is the most important example I have set for my family, and today I am very proud of their ability to do the same.”

Réal also promotes the importance of integrity and responsibility. “Simply do what is right 100 percent of the time. We do great things for people, and I believe we have the greatest opportunity of all time. It is our responsibility to share this opportunity with everyone, and let them decide if this is for them or not.”

Real Michaud
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