Shaun Parke


 I am born and raised in Victoria BC, which is where I live today with my wife, and two children.  Throughout my entire life I have always had a passion for helping people.  Helping solve "people problems" is a part of my DNA.  So in the spirit of pursuing that passion, in 1999, I decided to move to Calgary AB to start a career in Emergency Services. In a few short years, I became an Advanced Life support Paramedic, and a Structural Firefighter.  Working in this field was great, I Ioved my job!  So I continued to work as a Paramedic/Firefighter in Alberta for 15 years, before deciding to move back to Victoria.  It was at this time, when my wife and I were introduced to World Financial Group.   We immediately saw an opportunity to continue to serve our passion for helping people, while simultaneously building a business that served our life.  We are both incredibly thankful for WFG, it has changed our families life in incredible ways!



Why WFG- Becoming a business owner with World Financial Group, was one of the greatest decisions my wife and I have ever made.  It has allowed us the opportunity to build a team of amazing people, passionate about helping others.  Although being a business owner certainly comes with its challenges; it also comes with some incredible rewards.  We are completely in control of our income, and our time.  Which ultimately has allowed us to focus on whats most important- our family.  We love being a part of this great company. We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to build a legacy for our kids and our future generations to come. THANK YOU WFG!