Susan Farrell


As high school music teachers, the Farrell’s were at a loss on how to pay for their half of their son’s hockey/violin Ivy League university education. In stepped WFG with strategies to make that happen and start Ryan’s career as a trauma and reconstruction surgeon.


Three years later, daughter Lauren, also had a chance to start her dream career as an actress, singer, and dancer at the University of Arizona. Corey Michaud suggested Susan come teach as a twin career at WFG to fund that education. This set Lauren on the path to be a producer/director for Netflix.


Three years later it no longer made financial sense for Susan to stay in her position as an Assistant Principal and she was blessed with the opportunity go full time at WFG. She found she could pay it forward to many families who had dreams and goals. She was able to replace her own income of $100,000 after a year, travel the world with her husband Brian, and to travel to be with her adult children and grandchildren every six weeks in Boston and NYC. She has been able to seriously save money, be stress free, and be well onto the road to financial independence.  With the support and focus of a great team, she wears a $250,000 WFG ring and is excited to be promoting SMDs.