Yvonne was born on a farm, into a family of 14, in a small town called St. Paul, Alberta.  She left home at age 18, walked into a bank for an interview and the bank became her career for the next 30 years. Yvonne and Guy raised 5 children through those years, having 3 months maternity leave for each child.  Yvonne did take 4 years off after her 3rd son was born and started a Day Home until her and her husband moved to Calgary in 1984.  Their daughter, Natalie, was born that same year. Yvonne’s goal was always to become a manager, so at age 40, she got the promotion, but without a raise. Her struggle was with passing the Mutual Fund exam, which was a requirement, and this kept her income at $ 38,000. At age 40, 10 years after her family was finished, she got a surprise pregnancy and had Jeremie, her 4th son.  Her role as a manager was to supervise 14 Financial Advisers with 500 clients each with huge targets.  If the targets weren’t met, she couldn’t give them a raise.  This system was falling apart, therefore 6-7 advisers were always on stress leave and there was no one to answer the phones Due to this, she was given a compliance officer job, which meant she had to take all the client’s complaint calls.  Unfortunately, she chose to do that for 5 more years and at age 50 she burnt out. 


Yvonne got the call in February 2003 to take a look at WFG. When she eventually saw the presentation in September of that year, she heard the word “Recruit” and got started that night.  She understood the stats regarding 91% of middle income families were not making it in retirement because that was her family’s situation.  Yvonne had 5 goals when she started WFG. Retire her husband, become debt free, support Jeremie with his baseball career, support Natalie with her Opera career, and go to Hawaii with her husband.  She lost her husband, Guy, of cancer in Sept 2012.  She is so grateful that WFG came into her life, freed up $ 1300/mth and got proper protection for her family as their life Insurance had expired and they couldn’t afford to buy more.


Yvonne built several teams in the last 17 years, but today her biggest team was built by her daughter Natalie who started January, 2014 and had recruited her brother, Jeremie in January 2016 when they both realized that his Baseball Career had to end and the Opera career was not paying her enough.  Today, Yvonne has a book of business that pays her $10,000 to $20,000 a month to supplement her CPP and her OAS.  She has a team of young entrepreneurs who are hungry, motivated and getting after it. She enjoys mentoring and training her agency. Her retirement gives her a purpose to continue the mission of “No Family Left Behind.