Rebecca Oulton


Rebecca Oulton came across WFG in the Fall of 2005 after completing her Master's in Mathematical Finance at the University of Alberta.  She started her apprenticeship in the Edmonton office where she learned more about money and financial concepts than she was taught in 6 years of university. Knowing there were no offices in the East Coast, and seeing WFGs platform work, she took the challenge head on to expand in 2007.


A big motivation came from her dad being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at age 44.  For treatment and care he would have to move from their small town in New Bruswick to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Knowing no one in Halifax, but trusting in the system, Rebecca moved to open the first office there while helping take care of her dad.  Over the years she has grown her business substancially helping hundreds, if not thousands of people in the Maritimes with her team of professionals.  She is now a multiple six figure income earner putting her in the top 1% of females professionals.


This is just the beginning for her and her team as they plan on licensing and training 5,000 agents to support the need in the Maritimes. Rebecca is hoping to inspire many more people to achieve what they want in life and live it with no regrets.