Ryan Jeffries


I am born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta and have have three children Chloe, Maddison, and Taylor. My Dad taught me from a young age that I should go get a good education and then get a good paying job that offered a pension.   Just like many young people in this city I pursued a career in the trades field.  I was a Journeyman Welder and earning a six figure income by the time I was 21 but realized quickly that there was not a lot of room for growth in this field.  I was introduced to WFG as a client in 2005 and my advisor was able to show me how to save $1500 per month which my bank had never ever taught me how to do.  With the monthly savings I was able to put proper coverage on my family and work towards my retirement goals but I always wanted more than the grind of being an employee.


I was shown the WFG opportunity and started the part time training program in 2007.  It was a challenge as the nearest office and trainer were 500km away from me, so I had to make a large commitment to travel to the Edmonton office on a weekly basis.  I found that I loved how we helped families and I was starting to replace my full time income while working part time.  I made a very difficult decision to leave the comfort of my full time job with Suncor in 2008 but I am so glad I did. 


If there is one message that I would share it’s that WFG works if you work.  Become a student of this business and love your craft!