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Jeremie Fagnan

Executive Marketing Director

Jeremie Fagnan grew up in Calgary, AB as the youngest of five siblings. Jeremie decided from a very young age that he wanted to become a professional athlete. He played 4 years of Collegiate Baseball in Texas; 2 years of which he played at Midland College and the other 2 years he played at TCU. When his successful baseball career came to an end, he realized he needed to continue chasing excellence in other areas of life. He decided that since he would have to work in life, he might as well work for himself and call his own shots.

Building a WFG business was always in the cards, it was only a matter of when. At 22 years old, he made a decision that he was going to plant his flag and grow a distribution center of 10,000 Licensed Agents. He was able to become a Senior Marketing Director in less than 2 years, and is now focused on building leaders across North America.

His wife Sarah, who he met at TCU and soon married a couple years later, shares the exact same vision of life. World Financial Group has provided them an incredible life up to this point, and they are looking forward to their future success in business and in life.

Jeremie Fagnan
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