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Corey Michaud

Executive Vice Chairman

Corey Michaud, 42, is in his 18th year of working with families, and building leaders within his organization at World Financial Group. “I enjoy working with people, there is nothing more satisfying in business than seeing people around you growing and succeeding. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Bethany, and they share three children together; Anelia 13, Erik 10, and James 9.

Corey is passionate about golf, and traveling with his family, as well as coaching all three of his children in hockey. “I started this business to give me an opportunity to have control of my time, so that I could spend it with my family. WFG has delivered on all of the promises that they made to me 18 years ago.”

Corey feels extremely grateful to have been shown this opportunity some 18 years ago. He’s extremely blessed to be working with all of his close friends and family, and is looking forward to many great years to come.

Corey Michaud
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